Private class    (90min)

By appointment  @ the studio 90€

@ home 120€

Home class : travel expense 15€min


Group classes Milly-La-Forêt  :  

In-person+ ZOOM Class School year Sept-July (starting at)     350€

 Online ZOOM Class –  School year Sept-July (starting at)      200€

10-class card      150 €

Online 10-class card         85€

                                                         Drop-in          20€

Online drop-in          10€

Feel free to inquire about more options.



MON 10 am          Yin Yoga

WED 6 pm            Hatha Yoga Beginners

WED 7 pm            Hatha CLASSIC

FRI 1 pm               Somatic Yoga

FRI 2 pm               Hatha CLASSIC

SAT 10 am            Hatha CLASSIC

Group classes Maisse, RSVE :

TUES 9 am          GENTLE YOGA

TUES 10.15 am    GENTLE YOGA

Inquiries : Retraite Sportive de la Vallée de l’Essonne

Energy sessions

Cranio-Sacral therapy   (30-45 min)                                     45€

Reflexology  (60min)                                                              65€

Amma (head&back) massage  (30min)                              45€


I do speaking engagements and organise wellness days for companies, public administrations. Email or call for inquiries and quotation.


Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University in Canada in 2001, I have worked in Communications and Marketing in various industries and countries around the globe. It is an intensive ten-year personal practice of Hatha Yoga that initially helped me re-orientate my career so that I now work as a health practitioner through informational practices, offering Yoga classes, foot reflexology, and Amma massage.

Since 2013, expanding on collective and private Yoga classes at the studio, I am focusing on bringing Yoga, as an effective stress-management and relaxation tool, to the corporate world, as well as to professional sports teams and healthcare facilities. The underlying, often unconscious, focus of the practice is about regaining a sense of Self, nurturing and building authentically on our core so that our Being can shine forth, specifically through the actions of our physical lives as we actualize our potential, whatever it may be.

Having lived first-hand the effects of stress in the result-oriented corporate world, I understand the needs and expectations of office workers, especially as it relates to living more harmoniously. Through Yoga, a professional sportsman will gain a better sense of his/her body in space, working on enhancing the skills inherent to the sport being played, developing strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, and mental focus. In a medical context, it may be an invitation to seeing a broader perspective of the Self as it goes through pain management and healing processes.

Working with people from all sides of life who are to trying to find a more peaceful outlook on life has helped me put together various programs to reduce stress and anxiety, so that I also offer speaking engagements in seminars, and Yoga workshops.

I wish you all the ability to find and nurture the strength within so to truly live a Life of your own choosing, in harmony and in accordance with that, which your hearts desire.

May you be blessed on your Journeys.

In Light & Love,